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Winter is coming slow and steady.  The last of the color on the trees is slowly falling to the ground with each breeze and covering the precious plants that have hidden their faces to protect from the winter’s cold.  I give thanks to the wind for letting those leaves protect the coming spring beauty and keeping their feet warm beneath the coming snows.  At least I hope the snows come.  I’d rather have the snow than the ice and freezing rain.  Ice is much to difficult to travel in, via auto, bus, train, plane or foot.  Give me snow any winter day.

Winter, Colonial Williamsburg's Historic Area. Williamsburg, Virginia

Winter, Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area. Williamsburg, Virginia

Yes, I live close to Williamsburg.  It’s just “down the road” and a place I love to walk and visit.  It’s so serene even in the middle of tourist season when everybody is out and enjoying the sights and sounds.  In winter, it’s even more serene.  I have visited it in all seasons, but my favorite, by far, is autumn.  I love purchasing a cup of spiced cider, perhaps a pastry, and walking along the lovely little streets and shops.

The whole area of Virginia is a very historic place.  A place where my husband and I decided to settle, mainly because we both feel that “we belong” here.  We have some sort of unseen and unrecorded history here.  I don’t know if it’s a longing for the life of decades and centuries gone by or if somehow our hearts are saying “here” but we definitely feel at home in this area.

We retired here in the 1980s after a long, long enduring life as a military family.  Our birthplaces were both in Ohio, but Virginia has become OUR place.  OUR place of solitude.  I give thanks to the Air Force for planting us here back in January and February of 1980.  Our children have really enjoyed being in this area and have learned to love history as much as anyone else.

Yes, I’m a thankful person.  Every night I give thanks and every morning a new round of thankfulness appears.  I’m also thankful for WordPress.