Happy (sniff) New (sniff) Year!

I ended 2016 with a bad cold.  How I contracted it is a mystery.  Prior to Christmas I had not been out of the house for almost a week and here it was Dec. 27th and I woke up feeling like a truck ran me over!  I began calling it the “Immaculate Virus”!   I couldn’t breathe, my nose was running and stuffy at the same time and my head felt like a thousand tiny gremlins were attacking it in all directions!  Out comes my supply of cold and congestion relief tablets, drinks, capsules, sprays, lozenges and everything else I could find in our medicine cabinet and I start doctoring myself up, faithfully, every 4 hours, or as directed on each package or application.  I now have a list about 8 pages long of companies that I plan on writing to to ask them to change their @#^***^$ packaging because when you are ill, achy and hacking away, you don’t have the energy or willpower to open those annoying tamper-proof, child-proof, irritating little ” chastity belt containers ” that the medicine is located in!  Why can’t they just use a pill bottle with a child-proof cap like headache medication?!

Anyway, in about 3 days my energy did return but my sinuses are still raging on, fighting for rights to keep which nostril to be clear at any given time and which ear to be plugged up or un-plugged.  Before long this head cold had made a “run for the border” and when my son returned from work on Dec. 30th it looked like those gremlins were playing hockey on him…….dark circles under his eyes, dragging his body into the house, he was exhausted, so I started feeding him from the stash in the medicine cabinet.  I should’ve started giving it to hubby and my daughter, too, because the next morning my daughter started sneezing those gremlins out!

Fortunately, hubby hasn’t caught it…yet, but you can bet I’m counting down the hours!  Anyway, we spent New Year’s Eve quietly at home, in front of the television with 2 boxes of tissues being passed back and forth and me or hubby making sure everyone got their hourly dosage of medications.  Tradition in our family is to give everyone a kiss at midnight……we did, through Kleenex!

Today the sniffles and sneezes are slowly winding down but I made a huge pot of soup with enough garlic in it to keep all vampires away from the entire state until October!!!  Hopefully, it will keep all gremlins away, too.  The last time I had a headcold had to be around 2001 or 2002.  But the way these little gremlins traveled around here this year it reminded me of the high-speed flu train that hit our family back in 1989 or 1990………one kids out of three woke up feeling bad and within 8 hours all 5 of us were fighting for use of the bathrooms, tissues and “barf bags”.

Hopefully, this headcold or virus is the worse part of 2017 for us and our only sickness of the year.  Now I have to Google on how to create a special spell to keep gremlins out of our house for the remainder of the year!



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