More Christmas Cookies!

My daughter’s been busy baking more and more!  At the moment she’s making the oatmeal cookies.  Earlier it was nut and poppyseed rolls….these are fresh out of the oven and haven’t been iced yet.

nut-and-poppy-seed-rolls  and then she made the banana bread that her best friends’ brother loves to receive each Christmas.  There’s nothing “fancy” about the banana bread…its just the normal bread.

She also made these delicious cookies yesterday…

lemon pralines russian-teacakes

Lemon Drops, Southern Pralines and Russian Teacakes.

The Russian Teacakes have been made every Christmas for the past 53 years for my hubby.  His mother always made them, too.  The Southern Pralines were added to our “usual” holiday goodies list probably around 10 years ago.  The Lemon Drops were added last year…they are a delicate, light lemon cake with a very lemony icing and are so good!

Not a whole lot of “goodies” compared to previous years, but then so many “kids” and young ones have grown and left the area/families so my daughter has dwindled the baking down to just a handful of great treats.  No matter what kind, it’s the thought that counts anyway!  Tomorrow she will make her delivery of all these delectable munchies to friends and relatives and put smiles on faces, including mine because I get my kitchen back!!!

Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice, Blessed Yule, Happy Hannukkah, Happy Kwansa, or whatever you celebrate!!!


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