Christmas Cookies

I used to bake a lot when my kids were young and still living at home.  After they slowly moved out I just quit baking, which is strange because I come from a long line of cooks/chefs.  My maternal grandparents were both chefs.  My grandmother was a pastry chef and my grandpa a chef.  My mom even attended 3 years of cooking at a trade school back in the 1930s.  But, I preferred regular cooking to pastry work, so as the kids grew up and away from the nest, I slowly stopped baking.  I’m one who prefers salty or savory over sweets so I just quit making desserts.  My youngest girl, however, loves to bake.  Actually, all my kids love to bake but my youngest really, really loves it.

Each Christmas season my daughter begins baking on her birthday (18th) and continues up until Dec 23rd and makes enough goodies to feed just about every house in our neighborhood.  However, she bags dozens and dozens of goodies and it goes to special friends and neighbors.  Some are traditional cookies and goodies and some are “healthified” (made healthier) with the use of applesauce, less sugar, less fat, better flour, etc..

This year she’s making a LOT less holiday goodies but still a lot of the favorites and a few traditional ones for our family, such as pralines and Russian Teacakes and Tea Time Tassies.

The other afternoon we decorated her sugar cookies.  They are the soft, chewy kind, made with sour cream in the batter and they’re so tender and good even un-decorated.  We had fun doing those.

cookies-b-2016 cookies-a2016

Sunday night she made pralines, and last night a batch of these tiny lemon cupcake-like goodies that she made last year.  She packaged them up right away because they are that good!

She also makes little loaves of banana bread for her best friends’ brother.

At Thanksgiving, my daughter or I will make a pie or two, but usually at Christmas time it’s just cookies or something like a poppy seed or nut roll.

Do you do a lot of baking?  Do you do a cookie exchange?



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