Make Time for Me

I’m not a morning person.  I have always preferred to be up late at night, watching late-night movies, reading the latest Stephen King novel, or just hanging out with friends, but as I’ve grown and life changed, I found myself moving my favorite time of day to early morning.   When my kids were small and just starting school, I found out that I was not one to get up and start getting the kids moving and myself motivated to begin the day, so I began waking up earlier than I really wanted to or needed to.   As the kids grew, I discovered that waking up 30-60 minutes ahead of waking them up, I had time for my quiet cup of coffee and time to plan out my day.  I began to realize why my grandma was always up so early in the morning when I was a little girl….she needed “MY time” just like I was doing.  As one kid after another grew, went through school years and headed out to start their own lives, I now had a routine that I was quite accustomed to, especially after all those years.

Throughout the years, I continued my morning ritual.   Even though my husband worked “swing shift” (aka 2nd shift) most of those years, staying up late at night until he got home and then getting up early to enjoy MY time alone, it was still special time for me.   As years went on, kids moved back home, husband retired, and life continued, I still savor MY time.

Now as I’ve gotten much, much older, I find out that I like a bit of “my time” again in the middle of the afternoon about halfway between lunch and supper preparations…..a time when I can sit down and just spend some time by myself; a sort of re-energizing time to have a cup of coffee or a cup of tea or just water, but just a time to be alone.  My daughter tends to spend this time alone, too.  It’s her “re-energizing” time, though she will often take a short nap before dinner or just lay and read, I just prefer to sip some tea and unwind a bit.  It makes for a more relaxing day. It makes me, me.  It is making time for myself.







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